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Service Brand Loyalty
Increase unit revenues in your franchise system.

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How service-based franchisors can capitalize on a technology-driven customer loyalty and referral program.

When most think of customer loyalty programs, QSR and retail comes to mind. And what started in the 1950’s with punch cards for a free sandwich (which are still being used) has evolved to technology systems that streamline engagement, collect rich customer data and enhance your ability to deliver automated marketing.


Service companies Count on Referrals

If you ask any service franchise brand about the power of referrals they will all agree that customer referrals have a huge impact on their business and the ability of franchisees to grow revenues. What if you can develop the ultimate loyalty referral program for your franchise system? What would it look like? Wouldn’t it leverage technology to enable you to deliver communications based on customer performance and preferences? And doesn’t it make sense to reward customers for participation and referrals? Implementing FPN Loyalty provides enables service companies to take the customer experience to the next level and creates and opportunity to maximize referrals.


The Frequency Challenge

The biggest concern that service franchisors have about implementing a loyalty and referral program typically revolves around frequency. So why would a service business with low frequency initiate a loyalty and referral program? Because the benefits of a well implemented program will result in increased revenues through increased referrals. The FPN Loyalty platform also allows you to collect “rich” customer data and become more effective with your marketing, automating email and text campaigns.


Integrating With Your Technology

What’s great about the FPN Loyalty Platform is our ability to integrate with most software platforms. Customers register online or through a custom Loyalty App and rewards are received as customers engage with the brand. Whether it be purchases, referrals and even social media engagement, customers receive rewards that can translate into Loyalty Dollars or Visa Gift Cards. The FPN Loyalty platform tracks everything and after registering all the customer (or referral partner) needs to do is provide their phone number. The FPN Loyalty system has robust reporting capabilities and you’ll be able to review unit and system-wide KPI’s in real time.


Getting Franchisees to Embrace Loyalty

What sets FPN apart from most other loyalty program providers in our deep roots in franchising and our experience with over 180 franchise brands. Our purpose is to help franchisees grow unit revenues and we are most effective when franchise system leadership champions the program. The FPN team provides comprehensive training and partners with franchisors to communicate the benefits of a branded loyalty and referral program for service companies. In addition to system-wide webinars, rollout guides and training, we work hand-in-hand with your marketing and operations teams on seamless execution. Let’s face it, franchisees expect results. There’s nothing better that a smart beta test to prove the programs potential and win they buy-in of key franchisees and your Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). FPN is more than happy to provide beta tests to franchisors that meet our criteria.


So why do it?

Because times are changing and consumers have expectations about their relationships with service providers. Customer loyalty programs work and although you may not realize the engagement that a fast food brand may have, your average sale is so much higher and even limited engagement can have a major effect on revenue growth.


Programs starting at $59 per month / per franchisee

We understand that starting a loyalty program is a major initiative for most service brands. The FPN Loyalty and Referral Program has all the bells and whistles and comes with world-class strategy, support, and customer service. Our reasonable setup fees and low monthly service fees makes it easy for franchisees to accept and see value.


FPN’s Loyalty & Referral Assessment – What’s your potential?

Our senior loyalty & referral strategists are happy to explore how a technology-driven customer loyalty and referral program can work for your franchise brand. Let us assess your brands potential and perhaps implement a beta test!


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