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Increase unit revenues in your franchise system.

Loyalty Program Pricing

At FPN Loyalty, we’ve created a tiered pricing matrix based on three distinct levels of service. By doing so, we are able to customise loyalty programs to fit the specific needs and budgets of your franchisees. Most importantly, we provide value in developing and implementing loyalty programs that are effective in building revenues while strengthening brand preference.

Initial Set-up Fees

  • $295 (franchisor), $95 per location (franchisees)
  • Cardless Loyalty – 10¢ per phone number, one time.
  • Card Production – based on quantity ($.89 – $0.16 ea)
  • Text Marketing – 5¢ per text message, linked to Loyalty, 100% tracking and ROI, Administrator control

FPN is 100% franchise focused, offering training and support for franchisees.

Program Rollout

Launching a new loyalty program within a franchise system is not an easy task, no matter how small or large your infrastructure is. The FPN Loyalty team provides franchisors with the guidance and support to turn this difficult task into an easy one. Our launch process is managed by our Launch Manager, working diligently with our clients to insure timelines are met and details are communicated. Most importantly, we educate, train and support franchisees so they understand their role in loyalty and how to optimize FPN Loyalty for their location. Launch webinars, Rollout Guides, and regular communications are all part of the launch process and the support we provide our franchise clients.

  • Dedicated Project Manager – FPN will assign a project manager to co-ordinate all functions of rolling out this new program with the corresponding person on your team. We incorporate best practices learned by serving 140+ franchise brands.
  • Customized Rollout Guide – we draft a Rollout Guide for your approval in FAQ format, based on typical franchisee questions – customized to match your program specifics.
  • Kickoff Conference Call – FPN will host franchisee teleconferences, after the Rollout Guide is distributed. Typically, one franchisee question is similar to another’s, so a teleconference is most efficient way to cover the program.
  • Outbound Contact – FPN team will contact franchisees for signup and secure paperwork. (Legacy and new locations).
  • Training – FPN team will help coordinate training after new accounts have been setup.

Speak with a loyalty expert about a customer loyalty program for your franchise brand.

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