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Loyalty All-In-One

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One Great Solution

We call our platform Loyalty All-In-One because it gives you the ability to tie-in several marketing tools for a more coordinated execution of the different channels you normally use to reach your customers and the general public. This is a true omni-channel solution, with 100% tracking. Most brands spend an inordinate amount of time coordinating their efforts with different vendors, different portals, multiple phone calls, meetings etc – the bulk of your time is spent coordinating logistics, acting like air traffic control. With Loyalty All-In-One, and using Loyalty as the Center piece, everything works in concert via API tie-in to the loyalty host, so you have a consistent message across all channels – email, text, mobile marketing, social media, website and direct mail.

POS Integration

POS integration is essential to any successful loyalty program. The FPN Loyalty platform integrates with most POS systems. We work with clients, IT departments, and technology partners to fully integrate loyalty and have it working seamlessly to maximize the customer experience and our ability to collect data. FPN Loyalty is currently integrated with the following point-of-sale platforms:



As we know, today’s consumer uses mobile devices much more than laptops or desktops. The FPN Loyalty platform is 100% mobile friendly and allows the customer to interact with loyalty right from their smart phone. With branded registration portals and reward centers to online payment portals and more, FPN Loyalty makes adoption and interaction with loyalty easy for your customers. Mobile marketing is also a key feature of FPN Loyalty and our strategy for building customer frequency. In joining your customer loyalty program, customers are subscribing to your communications. This allows us to develop smart marketing strategies that target your customers through powerful push messaging, text messaging and email marketing campaigns.


Rich Data

We understand the power of rich data and how important it is to understanding consumer behaviors and improving marketing effectiveness. The FPN Loyalty platform allows you to access rich data through our dashboard and reporting features. We work closely with clients to develop protocols for reporting to streamline access to rich data. That data is used to target customers with incentives and promotional offers that they are most likely to respond to.

Analytics & Reporting

The FPN Loyalty dashboard is more robust than ever, providing franchisors with systemwide real-time data on the performance of their loyalty program. Our reporting engine allows franchisors to understand their loyalty customers from every perspective, giving insight to their buying behaviors, frequency, and habits. Franchisees also have access to their dashboard, allowing them to understand how well loyalty is performing for their business.

Increase customer frequency up to...


Marketing Opportunities

Deploying FPN Loaylty provides you with the data and customer acceptance you need to improve your marketing and target customers more affectively. You can use your loyalty platform to support your existing marketing strategy, deploying tactical text messaging and email marketing offers to a select segment (loyalty members) of your customer base. You can also reward your customers for behaviors (purchases) that they are not currently doing. Loyalty allows you to use marketing more effectively than ever to drive up frequency, average ticket and unit revenues. In fact, FPN Loyalty has increased average ticket by up to 17% and frequency by 50%.

Website Integration

For many franchise systems, their company website plays an important role in how customers interact with their brand. As a convenience to customers and to promote loyalty registration, we leverage your brand website to promote customer loyalty and the customer advantages it offers. Through your website, customers can easily access their loyalty account to check their rewards balances and redeem points.

Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the communication method of choice for consumers of all types. Leveraging social media to promote offers and reward customers is just smart. The FPN Loyalty platform allows customers to earn rewards for promoting the brand and generating referrals. Through API’s we can connect your social world right into your loyalty engine.

App Development

When it comes to App Development for franchise systems, FPN Loyalty has two options for our clients. Our most cost effective option is to utilize our App template that can be easily adapted to most brands. The functionality of the App is robust and not only allows loyalty members to view their account details, but includes locations, menus, services, and other content as a convenience to customers. The FPN Loyalty App also integrates with online ordering, gift cards, and more!

For those brands that want to take their customer loyalty App to the next level, we offer custom App Development services. Our creative and programming experts are available to work closely with your marketing department and/or agency to create the ultimate solution for your brand.


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